Do We Need The Term “Missional”?

          As much as I use the word I would have to say no. I recognize the confusion which exists over the word, a confusion that persists in spite of repeated attempts by many to define the term. I have found, no surprise here, that many who dislike the term missional and its implications also have deep-seated opposition to contextualization. In Read more

Tim Keller & Urban Mission (Lausanne)

Here's a short 18 minute video on urban mission. Keller gives 10 characteristics of contextual churches. You can also download his urban mission paper. Here's a quote from that paper. "Biblically, an experience of saving grace through evangelism leads to radical sharing of wealth and helping the needy. And when the world sees this sharing, Read more

We don’t hold to the doctrine of biblical music

The other night I ran into a pastor friend whom I hadn’t seen for some time. He asked about the church plant in Philly and I suggested he check out our web site. I knew his church has sensitivities which would preclude support and never sought support from the church. Later that day he sent an Read more

Burglar Alarms & Reactionary Sarcasm

  All the guys on our leadership team are chaplains with the Philadelphia Police Clergy. One is in full time law enforcement. (You can see some of us in the pictures below with the mayor and police commissioner at National Night Out Against Crime.) We meet monthly with two district police captains and other clergy. Among the Read more

If Not Missional, What are You?

From my conversations with pastors and church planters I do think that church planters are more attached to exploring missional ideas because they are looking for ways to bring the gospel to people rather than simply bringing people to church (although that's okay). I've spoken with church staff including pastors who told me that they can go Read more

It’s Not Missional If No Proclamation

There seems to be a growing interest lately in many circles on missional churches, whether to understand, discuss, advocate, criticize, or misrepresent. (BTW, an upcoming conference should be of interest on the Missional Church Movement.) It has been rightly pointed out that there is a need for clear definitions. There has also been concern expressed about the centrality of proclamation.  In an Read more

Missional Churches and Tradition

Missional churches are not necessarily anti-traditional. We gladly submit to apostolic Tradition and find value in many traditions of the the Church throughout the centuries. Problems arise when churches of any tradition expect  other churches, even churches they help plant, to hold to the same traditions it took years for the traditional churches to develop. Read more

Missional Church Planting Model? Which One?

I have read a number of critiques of the “missional” church planting model. An upcoming conference this month hopefully will shed some light on defining and critiquing this model. I haven't seen "the" missional model. Neither has anyone else. There are multiple understandings and practical outworkings of missional. My concern is that this might be Read more

Church Planting Training – Part 3

In an earlier post I mentioned reading books and listening to guys who have actually planted churches. By no means do I wish to disparage those who contribute to the formation of church planters in ways that I could not. I am a strong proponent of seminary training and took courses in church planting from Read more

5K on Sunday

Normally I would not run a 5k on Sunday, or any other day. At 55 years old my running days are few and my walking days many. On Sunday I do not care to have other distractions in preparing to worship with God's people. That takes precedence over everything.   It is true that the Read more