If Not Missional, What are You?

From my conversations with pastors and church planters I do think that church planters are more attached to exploring missional ideas because they are looking for ways to bring the gospel to people rather than simply bringing people to church (although that's okay). I've spoken with church staff including pastors who told me that they can go weeks without speaking to an unsaved person. It's not that they don't have a heart for the lost but that they are busy managing programs. This can happen to church planters as well but cannot be true at the beginning of a church plant or there will be no church planted. If you are a pastor reading this, ask yourself this question: "When was the last time you had a serious encounter with a non-Christian outside the pulpit to witness to the claims of Christ?" I'm not asking how many souls you led to Christ. That would be man-centered.  Contemporary missional ideas are not above criticism. But a good question for critics is this: “What are you doing to reach the lost and when was the last time you did it?” If you have a hard time answering that I will have a hard time taking your criticisms seriously.

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