Missional Churches and Tradition

Missional churches are not necessarily anti-traditional. We gladly submit to apostolic Tradition and find value in many traditions of the the Church throughout the centuries. Problems arise when churches of any tradition expect  other churches, even churches they help plant, to hold to the same traditions it took years for the traditional churches to develop. All churches develop their own traditions but they cannot be imposed on other churches as if there is one way to do church. If you were to step inside our church plant you would find a blend of ancient and contemporary. For example, we sing both hymns and contemporary music.  We are not avant-garde and don't use the latest technology although we recognize its benefits when used well. We recite the Lord's Prayer or  Apostles' Creed. We observe the Lord's Supper weekly but don't say that all churches must/should do this. We move purposely from Praise to Confession to Thanksgiving to Intercessory Prayer to Proclamation to Celebration. Anyone who listens to our audio on our church website will hear preaching that is anything but seeker-driven, moralistic, or pragmatic. We are not here to entertain. We are not preoccupied with the worship wars and issues which confront many established churches. We are here to preach Christ and Him crucified.

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