Why We Use the Apostles’ Creed at Grace Church of Philly

From time to time I hear concerns from well-meaning people questioning our use of the Apostles’ Creed. Most often it has to do not so much with the content, but with their personal history of having recited it in the Roman Catholic Church or a liberal denominational church. Part of their conversion story is that Read more

Why Do We Care So Much About the Music Choices of Others?

          I find it odd that many writers and ministries are so concerned about the music that others use in worship. What’s the point of conferences either to attack or defend traditional forms?  Why do we care so much how another church worships? Enough has been said and written on both sides, rarely are others Read more

Lord’s Supper Observance – Weekly or Weakly?

We observe the Lord's Table each week at Grace Church. We don't say that weekly observance is a biblical mandate or think that since we do it this way all churches should. For us it has been a conscious decision and has become an integral part of our liturgy. Over the years I have heard Read more