Lord’s Supper Observance – Weekly or Weakly?

We observe the Lord's Table each week at Grace Church. We don't say that weekly observance is a biblical mandate or think that since we do it this way all churches should. For us it has been a conscious decision and has become an integral part of our liturgy. Over the years I have heard some objections or reasons why churches did not observe the Lord's Table more often. For some, since Jesus said "as often as you do this" there was no pattern established. For others, there has been the concern that it would become a routine or it would be difficult to do it creatively or meaningfully. I even heard of churches that celebrate the Table only once a year during Passion Week behind closed doors for members only. It is not my point to deal with or debate these views or to enter into a discussion of closed, open, or close communion. Churches that do not observe the Lord's Supper weekly might at least ask if they observe it weakly.


A weak observance might add the Lord's Supper at the end of the service, disconnected from anything which precedes the observance, or observes it so infrequently that the church misses out on a regular reminder of and needed nourishment from participation in this ordinance. Some have asked what we do to keep it fresh and creative. My response is that although we may vary how we observe the ordinance, which Scriptures we use, which remarks are given, and who leads in the observance, the meaning is in the observance itself. We don't need to make special that which is special or create an atmosphere to heighten the experience. My brother John has written a brief article on "Why We Celebrate the Lord’s Table Weekly." I realize for many established churches and for larger churches that tradition and/or logistics might be obstacles to weekly observance. However, church planters might reflect on this and ask if weekly observance should be part of the church’s worship from the outset. Whether other churches observe the Table weekly is of no importance to me but weakly observing the Table deprives God's people of an element of worship that is central to the Christian faith.

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  1. Interesting blog post as is your brother's! Thanks
    My observation is that we observe it tinily! I mean an oyster cracker and 15 grams of juice in a disposable cup. Can me make it any smaller!

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