Why Do We Care So Much About the Music Choices of Others?

          I find it odd that many writers and ministries are so concerned about the music that others use in worship. What’s the point of conferences either to attack or defend traditional forms?  Why do we care so much how another church worships? Enough has been said and written on both sides, rarely are others swayed by the arguments, and the polarization continues. You said it. We know what you like and don’t like.

          I find it more amusing than disconcerting that people criticize our worship especially if they have never visited our church. Have your position, hold it passionately, practice it locally, and allow others to worship according to their understanding of Scripture. You don’t like guitars, organs, drums, worship teams, song leaders, hymns, vibrato, or whatever. Fine, we get it. Now worship!  

2 Responses to “Why Do We Care So Much About the Music Choices of Others?”

  1. I think there is a false assumption by those who have created ministries specifically to defend conservative worship forms thinking that those who hold different views haven't really learned how to Biblically discern like they have, which comes across as arrogant. 
    About a year ago on Sharper Iron I was explaining how our ministry uses Christian Hip-Hop and out of nowhere, the head of one of these ministries, assuming that I believed that music and its culture was neutral, accused my view of culture of being errant and went on a long diatribe to explain why.  It was funny in a way, because I actually view culture within the Biblical framework of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation, which was starkingly different than the strawman that he was attacking.  

  2. Over two years ago I wrote an article for SI "Weary of the Worship Wars."  I'm all for people having different views but they often live in different worlds.  Those doing the conferences are preaching to the choir. Few are persuaded by specialists who believe they can tell others which music is appropriate for worshipping God. The funny thing is that few of them have any real life ministry outside their bubble. Their experience is doing conferences and writing blogs. I don’t pay much attention any more to professionals who have little to no experience in the real world.


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