The ‘Christian’ Burning of the Koran and the Islamic Response

My brother John has written on this controversy and the counterfeit Christianity of Pastor Terry Jones. See his blog The Gospel First.


I Peter answers the question: How do we live as Christians in a non-Christian world? The ‘we’ is an important part of the question because the nature of Christian existence and witness is essentially corporate.  The book is about a chosen people and their struggle with the growing alienation they are experiencing. more

Guest Blog: The Gospel in Exodus 7-10 and in the City

It is a challenge and a joy to labor in a city where idolatry is rampant and where false gods appear to be invincible. The idols of pleasure, success, education, religion, money, drugs, promiscuity offer to city dwellers the approval, comfort, and security for which their souls long. At times these false gods appear real Read more

The Gospel in Exodus Five and Six and in the City

I'm spending a lot of time in prison lately (more about that later) and am posting my brother's blogs which of course I believe are excellent. Here's an excerpt. "The themes of promise, suffering, and deliverance are gospel themes repeated throughout Scripture. Faith in God’s promise is often tested in suffering and suffering is often Read more

The Gospel in Exodus Four and in the City

The hearts of city dwellers cry out for redemption. On the surface it is often a cry for a Moses-like redeemer who can deliver them from their existential despair often magnified in urban living. Sometimes religion becomes the futile redeemer in its attempts to address this despair. Others seek to remedy their condition in the Read more

Church Conferences – Humble Wisdom or Expert Advice?

          I’ve attended many conferences over the years designed to help pastors succeed in their ministry. At first I went to learn from the experts the secrets to success in church planting and pastoral ministry.  Though I have always appreciated a carefully crafted message from the Bible, I soon became weary of experts who lived Read more

The Christian Bubble – by John Davis at The Gospel First

Often believers have an escapist mentality causing them to seek safer and more restful surroundings, where they believe they can prosper as the people of God. Prospering often means, sprawling campuses, even hot tubs and saunas, Christian schools, Christian ball teams and the Christian duplication of most anything that will avoid contact with Egypt like Read more

New Covenant Israel in the City

Another guest blog by John Davis at The Gospel First. As the people of the Messiah, we have the calling of ancient Israel, to gather the nations in worship of the Creator redeemer God. By His grace we have been engrafted into the life-giving vine, Jesus Christ and called to invite others to share this Read more

A Gospel-Centered Reading of the Old Testament

I've been spending a lot of time in prison lately doing drug counseling with almost unlimited opportunities for the gospel. More about that another time but it has left me with with less time to write – certainly to the delight of some. So I will often reference my brother John's blog The Gospel First.

The Gospel in Genesis 42:1 – 45:28 and in the City

From thegospelfirst: Here in the City of Philadelphia, we are asking God to use the unlikely to bring about His purposes of reconciliation and restoration in this city. In some sense, my brother and I are a lot like both Joseph and his brothers. In being like his brothers, we know what it is to Read more

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