Sandy Hook and Human Evil

When we look at the Sandy Hook tragedy, the question we should be asking is "‘what is wrong with humanity’ that we can commit such atrocities?" If the discussion does not go beyond ‘gun control’ or ‘mental health’ then our solutions will be superficial. People murder other people because they choose to unleash their hate, Read more

Ordinary Pastors – Our Decision to Join the Evangelical Free Church

My brother John explains on his blog part of the reasoning that went into the decision for Grace Church of Philly’s two sites to affiliate with the Evangelical Free Church of America. We are looking forward to good fellowship and genuine partnership in seeing God raise up churches in the City of Brotherly Love (or Read more

Guest blog: The Congruence of Grace and Discipleship

I believe in gospel grace. Free undeserved grace. God’s saving grace. Grace personified in Jesus. Grace that forgives and grace that transforms. I also believe in gospel discipleship. Costly and demanding discipleship. Obedient discipleship. Life-altering and life-consuming discipleship. Discipleship that rejoices in suffering. Discipleship that says no to sin and yes to holiness. Discipleship that Read more

Are ‘extended sabbaticals” pastoral examples of how to care for the soul?

Guest blog from the Gospel First: "Recently a few high profile Christian leaders have taken long sabbaticals from public ministry to give attention to the care of their souls. This is a luxury that most of us in and outside of ministry cannot afford but perhaps one which we all desire from time to time. However, Read more

The Politics of Jesus and Peter

Excerpt from the Gospel First: “Sadly, too often the energy that goes into resisting and working to overturn the abusive structures of society eviscerates the call of Jesus to love, do good, bless, and pray. Also, when Christians retreat into the safety of their cocoons they fail to be the salt and light that enables Read more

Implications of Being Gospel-Centered

From the Gospel First:  "Paul’s message to the church and false teachers is that a non-grace gospel is a non-gospel. The good news of the gospel is that Christ faithfully lived the life that I have failed to live and died the death that I deserve to die and that sinners stand in God’s favor always Read more

‘catholicity’ – Institutional, Incarnational, or Impossible

From the Gospel First: "While we presently struggle with our own sinfulness that hinders catholicity, we seek God’s grace to live peaceably with all men, especially those of the household of faith and we long for the ultimate external expression of catholicity at the resurrection day when all believers gather before the throne of Jesus Read more

Four Cries of the Soul (guest blog)

"As followers of Jesus Christ, we have found that each of these searches (for Identity, Community, Meaning, and Hope) finds its resolution in the person and work of Jesus Christ. In his incarnation he exemplifies the ideal human identity as one who knows God and does the will of God. In his life and ministry, especially Read more

The Transcendent Joy of the Gospel (Guest Blog)

The beginning of the First Epistle of Peter assures us that though we live as exiles of the dispesion, we have been granted a new identity in Christ.  In Jesus Christ, we have been granted a new identity that defines us and helps us to live faithfully. A fruit of that identity is that we Read more

Guest blog: The Gospel in Exodus 11-13 and in the City

In urban ministry two dangers exist: 1) to be so overwhelmed with sociological issues that the gospel is minimized; 2) to maximize the gospel but neglect the acts of mercy and compassion that are necessary fruits of the gospel. When the gospel is truly of ‘first importance’ (1 Cor 15), acts of mercy and compassion Read more

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