Corrosive State Coercion

The city of Philadelphia and Catholic Social Services (CSS) are arguing a case before the Supreme Court. CSS had provided foster care for two hundred years for children in need, seventy percent who were racial minorities. In 2018 the city sought to close down CSS because it follows Catholic teaching on marriage and refused to certify unmarried or same-sex couples. CSS would refer those inquirers to other agencies. Interestingly, no same-sex couples had sought certification or brought a lawsuit against CSS. The city engaged in pointless and vindictive religious discrimination. They cried fire when there was no smoke. In the end, those who suffer are children who need a home. The opponents of religious liberty employ whatever coercive measures are at their disposal and claim that religious discrimination harms people. They care more deeply for the imposition of their agenda and beliefs than for the children. This does not mean that anything can be justified in the name of religion or that anyone can dismiss laws or regulations in claiming a religious exemption. The belief in marriage between a man and a woman is no novelty, not something invented to discriminate. This is what has almost always been universally believed since the dawn of time. Government should recognize religious rights in these long-held, deeply-rooted beliefs. These rights do not come from government to be taken away at a whim. Two men or two woman who want to marry have the freedom to do so. They do not need the permission of religious followers. They should be treated with love and respect due to all people made in the image of God. Yet they should not expect affirmation of their decisions and actions. People of all faiths must resist and expose this bureaucratic smugness and rampant overreach of government at all levels. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will rule in favor of religious freedom.

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