Sign of Life

It’s hard to believe that five years have passed since I last blogged. I suppose there are many possible reasons. 1. My blog was not that popular, 2. I no longer had time or interest, or both, 3. I didn’t have anything to say. Whatever the case, I thought I would at least give a sign of life. I’m still working bi-vocationally as an addiction therapist and elder at Grace Church Philly. Kathy and I celebrated our 40th anniversary with two trips to France, one in November 2017, one in March this year. My two sons are married and one expecting a child in December, our first grandchild. We are a little bit excited. For the last few years I’ve been teaching twice a year in Cameroon. I’m a PhD candidate in Intercultural Studies at Columbia International University with a May 2019 planned graduation (hopefully). I’m still amazed at God’s grace and goodness to me. Will I continue to blog? Hard to say but it’s on my mind.

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