The Hubris of Faux Fundamentalists

One of my alma maters recently announced it will be closing after 38 years of training men and women for ministry.  Personally I am saddened by its impending closure yet rejoice in how God used and blessed the school. I have not been associated with the seminary for several years and have no special insight into the reasons of its closure. The reasons given by the school include a decline in student enrollment and financial constraints.  Predictably, some more separated and discerning brethren cannot control their distasteful triumphalism and have almost revelatory insight into the real reasons the school is closing. Against my better judgment I attempted to post on one consistently negative blog given to regular rants. Although posts were accepted that could barely hide their glee and with predictions and wishes that more compromising schools would close, my post my denied.


The blog is a collection of mostly insipid, more-separated-than-thou nonsense with a special duty to warn against compromisers like Piper, Mohler, Dever, Doran, Bauder, Olson, etc. Even I  have made his list on occasion. In some ways it’s an honor. The truth is I would stand with most of the men he castigates (whether they would stand me with me is another question). As it is there are some people who you are glad not to stand with or have standing with you.  There are some blogs that are a substitute for real ministry. I’m glad or would hope that not many Fundamentalists share his demeanor or distortions.  Thankfully his influence is relatively small. May his tribe decrease and may the truth of the gospel and the work of the Lord advance as we preach and defend the gospel and not our opinions whether warped or warranted.

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