Helping “Issue Christians” Move On

Ed Stetzer has a good article on helping "issue Christians" move on. The particular issue in this case was prophecy details. We see this problem not only in churches but on scandal blogs which exist solely to attack other Christians (under the guise of defending the faith of course). The issues and terms (Lordship Salvation, Calvinism, etc.) are defined to make anyone who disagrees appear disobedient to Scripture. I suspect that below the surface often lurk undiagnosed issues and disorders and that championing issues in which they are experts provides a dose of self-esteem and sense of righterism. They have no trouble calling brothers in Christ clueless, liars, and of ill repute. They demand answers to inquisitorial questions for which no answer will suffice. If these issue Christians come to your church they may be able to be helped if teachable. If they are bloggers with too much time on their hands and most of their comments are their own or from anonymous people, they are best ignored.


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