Grace Church of Philly – University City Update

We continue to experience God's blessing at Grace Church. Next March will be the 3rd anniversary of Grace Church – University City site in West Philly. We have pretty much outgrown the hall we are renting. We use the same space for our worship services and our fellowship meal each week (see photos). So after the service we tear down the chairs and set up tables. It's a little chaotic but it works out okay. We are looking at another rental space a few blocks away at a Lutheran Church. We would appreciate the prayers of God's people.


God has given us an incredible diversity of people – college students, professors, researchers, people in recovery from addiction and others still in addiction, grad school med students, social workers, rescue mission chaplains, homeless, unemployed, etc. God has also blessed us with interns studying at different seminaries – Palmer, Calvary, Biblical, and Westminster – with the hope that these men will remain in the city to plant or pastor churches. We are always praying and looking for others to join with us in urban ministry and would love to have you visit with us.


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