From North Carolina to Philly with the Gospel

This morning I received a phone call from one of my men who was released from prison last week. He has not been able to stay clean, wanted to go to a halfway house, and asked me if I could bring him some toiletries. His neighborhood is the center of drug activity in that part of the city. As I was driving up the main drug strip which never sleeps I witnessed undercover police handcuffing a man and several prostitutes soliciting clients. Then I saw them – about 50 white, clean-cut teenagers dressed in matching t-shirts and black shorts.


I stopped them and discovered that they came from North Carolina on an urban missions trip to Philadelphia. “What,” I thought to myself, “is there no urban blight and are there no drug addicts in North Carolina?” I confess I remain skeptical about the impact of urban initiatives that run in and run out. It would be easy for me to be critical. However, I know that God can use these young people to sow the gospel seed into the hearts of those who desperately need Christ. The young people may be naïve, have a funny accent, and not see much fruit today. I might wish they had partnered strategically with local churches (and don’t know that they didn’t) and would like to see ongoing ministry, but they are doing something and may God bless them. Even southerners are welcome to Philly!

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  1. On funny accents:
    "youse guys" sound different to the rest of us!
    "Yo" what's with those "hoagies"?

  2. "Youse guys"? I think that's Chicago. Ok maybe Rocky talked like that. It's not as bad as "y' all." Of course it's "hoagies" and not "subs."  Don't forget the soft pretzels and water ice.

  3. I'm amazed at how many people think "youse guys" is Philly. Never heard it here.

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