The Three Stooges Conference

No, it's not what or who you think! I may interact robustly with some of my friends but they are friends, not stooges. I received this email invitation for the National Young Fundamentalist Conference. Unbelievable! I thought it was a spoof but it seems to be a real conference. Can someone tell me it isn't so? Granted it is for young fundamentalists, whoever or wherever they may be. By the looks of the three in the video I wonder how anything of value would come from such clownish marketing. Please don't say it's because it's in Kentucky. That can't explain how sappy and sorry this is. I've heard of gospel-centered conferences but now we have goofy-centered. No, I am not going. Of course if the real Three Stooges were there I would reconsider – there have been sightings. Moe, Larry, and Curly (or was it Shemp?).

3 Responses to “The Three Stooges Conference”

  1. Whether real or not…I am at an utter loss for words.  But at least they spelled Kentucky correctly.

  2. Got to be a spoof …. poorly done I might ad

  3. No spoof! It is for real…see Commonwealth Bapt College website.  Must be for youth as far as I can tell.

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