Young Earth Creationism

          I’m just getting around to listening to the audio from the Preserving the Truth Conference. Among the topics treated was young earth creationism. YEC was presented as a “foundational truth that has to be preserved.” The speaker was a pastor who considers himself a scientist. As I was listening to the session on YEC I thought to myself that before this truth can be preserved it has to be proved.

          Much of what he said I agree with – creation as miracle, a direct act of God, first Adam a real man. However along with those truths was the “truth” that creation was recent. I invite anyone to listen to the audio and to determine if there was anything scripturally compelling to show that the Bible actually teaches YEC. It seems like most in the audience held a YEC position.  I doubt that anyone would be convinced to abandon another view from the arguments presented. YEC may be a valid viewpoint. To insist that it is THE biblical viewpoint goes beyond Scripture and imposes a common-sense literalism that will not stand up to exegetical scrutiny. To not believe YEC is a sin, according to the presenter.  Put it in those terms and what choice do we have?


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