I Argue Like a Liberal – A First For Me!

I wasn't sure how to take it when a blogger used a recent article I wrote to demonstrate the difference between arguing like a conservative and arguing like a liberal. Me as an exemplification of liberal argumentation! Of course he wasn't calling me a liberal although I don't know if he would call me a conservative either (I don't generally call myself a conservative). Yet I must confess that when he described the liberal mindset I didn't see myself. For example he says that "the liberal mindset assumes that man has the ability to get better by altering his education or environment …." That’s funny if he thinks it has anything to do with me. Oh well, maybe he’s blogging like a conservative.


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  1. I read the blog at "Relentlessly Biblical" and saw his contrast between 'conservative' and 'liberal' – neither of which is biblical. Ironic! I guess the name of his blog should be "Relentlessly Conservative."

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