A Seasonal Jesus

Recently, the city of Philadelphia wanted to change “Christmas Village” to “Holiday village.” Officials backtracked after threats of boycott and a firestorm of protests from citizens. Many Americans bemoan today what has been called the “War on Christmas.” I sympathize with many of their concerns. Even more concerning to believers should be how little the entrance of the Christ into the world receives notice throughout the year. Yes, "Jesus is the reason for the season" we hear. It's a cute ditty but He's far more than that. He is the Prince of Peace, King of Kings to whom all owe homage and He will not be content with lip service one season of the year. Jesus is not seasonal, Christmas and Easter, like the seasonal aisle in the supermarket where you get what you need for the holidays. If your Jesus is a seasonal one and shows up once or twice a year then you have not yet encountered the real Jesus of which Luke speaks. more


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