Hassles of City Life

Living in the city will cost you in many ways. One item I had not figured into my budget was parking tickets and red light fines from cameras placed at intersections. I lived ten years in the suburbs and can’t remember paying a parking ticket. I’m making up for it now. I am guilty of violating city ordinances and have paid several fines already. It's funny that you can know which intersections have cameras, but still run the light which rewards you with a $100 ticket. At least there are no points involved to affect your insurance unless you are pulled over and ticketed by a police officer. After my last red light ticket I put a Police Clergy frame on my rear plate (we only have rear plates in PA). Since the camera takes a photo of your plate maybe that will help the next time, if there is a next time. At a hearing this morning to contest a parking ticket I was told there is a city ordinance forbidding you to park in front of any driveway, even your own, a garage my brother and I rent for our Harleys (they are ministry tools to provide therapy). When I kindly requested a copy of the ordinance or ordinance number I was told they didn’t have it but it could be found online. I’m still looking. You can fight city hall but usually it's a losing battle. The city really needs the money.


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  1. "I fought the law and the law won!"

  2. I finally found the Philly ordinance. You can be ticketed if there is a sign posted prohibiting parking or at the request of the owner. Neither apply in my case. I plan to appeal. It’s only $51 fine but now it’s the principle.

  3. I appreciate living in the suburbs. Free parking!
    We drive on city streets (Minneapolis) to get downtown to work. Minneapolis hardly manages to plow their side streets,
    Here in Plymouth (NW suburb) the city manages to promptly plow.
    Something about small governments being more efficient!

  4. so maybe we should change the lyrics to "Steve fought the law, and Steve won!"  LOL!

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