Church Planting Takes More Than Human Promises

One of the questions most asked by prospective church planters is “How do you finance a church plant?” Before I offer any thoughts in the days to come, here’s a caveat. Normally it takes a lot of things to plant a church including money and lots of it. However, don’t expect that everyone who enthusiastically promises support will actually come through with support for the church plant. This is one of the great disappointments you will face. And yes I’m speaking from personal experience. Some churches, pastors, and individuals will promise support and you will never see a dime. You will be tempted at times to say in haste with the Psalmist “All mankind are liars” (Psalm 116:11). Of course there will be changed circumstances which will prevent those who meant well from acting on their well-meaning. Don’t try to figure it out. Don’t be bitter. But don’t go to the bank with every promise made for support. Look to the Lord to provide and be ready to look for a job.  God may provide in unusual ways that weren’t part of your strategic plan. He may raise up a few faithful friends and churches to pray and give who really have a heart for church planting.

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