Urban Church – Suburban People

Here in Philadelphia we have been blessed with several families and individuals who live in the suburbs and serve in the city. Ideally we would like to see some of them make the decision to move into the city in order to be fully incarnational in their witness. They are wonderful assets to the ministry and one of our elders leads a Grace Group (small group) in the suburbs to help keep them connected. We do encourage Christians to consider if God might have them make what for many would be a great sacrifice in relocating to the city. We find that single adults and younger couples are more open to this challenge and see their choice as response to a calling which involves sacrifice for the gospel of Christ rather than making career choices which lead to upward mobility. We realize Christians are at different points in their spiritual journey and in seasons of life which make change improbable.  It’s not our job to make that call for people and we are thrilled to have others serve alongside of us regardless of where they live.

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