Providential Post Office Connections

There are many things in church planting over which you have no control. Really over most things. You do what you know to do, can do, and then stand back and see God at work. I saw this while in line recently at the post office. I rarely stand in line at the post office, hate standing in line. On this day I was in line to pick up something that wouldn't fit into our box, and it turned out it wasn't even for me. While in line, a young Asian woman saw my shirt with "Grace Church" and asked about the church. She is a new believer from a Restricted Access Nation, in the US for a year as a PhD student, returning to her country and husband in November, and wanted to find a church and be baptized before returning. She had been told not to mail things from this particular post office because she would have to stand in line. She came anyway. Obviously God had other plans. For several weeks she has been doing a Bible study with my wife and we are planning a baptismal service next Sunday for her and at least two others. In ministry you realize that there will be many transitions and God will give you some people for a time, a time of investment in their lives, a time to meet them where they are and help them to the next step. As a result of meeting this young lady several other students from her country have attended our services, two first-timers last night. God is good. God is at work.

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  1. AMen…we like that!  Sam had a moment like that a month ago while doing a job in La. with Josh.  He will have to tell you all about it!  Miss you guys and praying for you all!

  2. That's great that Sam has senior moments! Miss you guys too.

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