Church Planting Training – Part 2

Prospective church planters in college or seminary who spend their time in an established church miss out on many aspects of ministry. They should consider working with a church which more closely parallels the ministry they will be involved with.


While in seminary back in the late 70s and early 80s I had the opportunity to be part of a church plant in the Philadelphia suburbs. My brother John started the church in 1975 right out of college. He would be the first to say that he was not prepared for church planting and pastoring at that time and did seminary while pastoring. I was part of this new church for 4 years while in seminary at Calvary Baptist Seminary and was able to gain invaluable experience. At different times I served as deacon, Sunday School superintendent, did door-to-door evangelism and visitor follow-up. My wife and I worked in children's church and youth ministry. We lived the struggles of a young church. The church moved several times before settling in permanent facilities.


Thirty years later, this is a particularly special time in my life. After having worked with my brother a few decades ago we are now working together in a church plant in Philadelphia with him as the lead pastor. Someone told me this was a great thing to do in my "twilight years." Whether twilight or not we have a burden of seeing churches planted in Philadelphia and men trained who are not yet in the twilight zone. As you prepare for church planting, pray that God would bring together a team of like-minded men (although not clones), a team of families who will come together to be in the place of God's choosing. Check out my brother John's blog.

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