Church Planting Experts

          After planting a church in Philadelphia in 1982, my wife and I with children went to France in 1988 to work with a French national to plant churches. One of my mistakes was thinking that since I had planted a church in Philadelphia that I knew something about planting churches in France. I thought I had much to offer but forgot that I had much to learn. 

          I’m careful in listening to church planting experts who have never planted a church. Not that they don’t have some good and helpful things to say but much remains in the realm of the theoretical. Ask yourself – has this guy ever planted a church? I enjoy listening to church planters, hearing their stories, and can relate to their challenges, disappointments, and dependence on Christ to build his Church.

          Most church planters will tell you that they are not experts. Most of them do not write books (or blogs). Are you interested in church planting? Read some good books (Hesselgrave, Stetzer, Malphurs, etc.) but don’t forget to talk to guys who are planting churches now. There are some things you can’t learn from a book or in a classroom. Speak with us or visit with us at Grace Church. We have some young guys working with us who have a heart for urban ministry We’re not experts, still have much to learn, but do have something to pass on. It won’t guarantee success. It may guarantee failure in man’s eyes. But it will not leave you indifferent.

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