Another church planting blog?

Why blog about urban church planting? Aren’t there hundreds of guys doing it? Probably. Will what I write make a difference? Don’t know. It will make a difference to me to put down some of my thoughts that to this time have been restricted to articles or essays. And to tell stories. Stories of God’s faithfulness, of lives, transformed, for God’s glory.


What I have to say may not be unique, creative, or especially challenging, especially if you are not involved in church planting. But maybe you should be. No, no maybes about it. You should be somehow, somewhere at some time. It would be a wonderful experience for every believer to at some time in life be involved in the nitty-gritty of church planting – setting up, taking down, moving around, depending on God to do a work only he can do. In the end – and in the beginning – it is Christ who builds his Church and plants churches. We have the privilege to partner with him.


Many Christians never see the church planting part of ministry. Many pastors have never seen it either. Most believers and pastors are inheritors of what someone else has planted or something planted by Christ through others. That is to be expected in a culture where churches have proliferated over the centuries. It becomes problematic when that is all believers and pastors know or care about – maintaining what has been passed on. Maintenance is needed but so is perpetuation.


On this blog I want to challenge Christians about their place in God’s harvest, to encourage them to serve Christ faithfully where they are, and to move beyond the four walls of their churches to see churches started in other places.

3 Responses to “Another church planting blog?”

  1. Stephen – thanks for the new blog, I came across it via twitter. I’m excited to read be challenged by your posts. As a theology student just starting out in the journey it is encouraging to find people like yourself who have been in ministry for many years and who are still pumped about sharing the gospel and especially church planting.

    All the best with it,


  2. Also excited about the blog. Dan Burrell recommended it and I had to check it out. I look forward to your post.

    I get along with church planters more than any other group of guys. Most are not tied to theoretical but are forced to deal in the actual. Most are not dogmatic on right and wrong ways. And all of them are pasionate about influencing others to be Jesus followers.

    My prayers are with you as your faith will be tested again and again in this pursuit. May the gates of hell get smashed in by your efforts!

  3. Hi Ben:

    Thanks for your comments. I trust the blog will be beneficial to you and others.

    Grace & Peace,


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