Obsession with Urban Church Planting

"Those of us doing urban church planting confess our obsession. We believe it is a good and God-honoring investment of lives and that it is so good that we want to persuade other to prayerfully consider the city."  Read more at the Gospel First

Church Planting: Suburban vs Urban

Urban church planting is a focus, a needed and neglected emphasis. It is not a more spiritual work than suburban church planting. In some settings urban church planting might be more challenging where there is little gospel presence, where there are fewer Christians to constitute a core group, where there are more livability issues due Read more

Loving the City?

It is possible to mistake infatuation for the city with love for the city. Some kind of love for the city might get you to the city but it won't keep you there. Read this from the gospel first and consider coming to the city, not always to love it but to love its people Read more

A Gospel-Centered Way Beyond Fundamentalism and New Evangelicalism

My brother John wrote an outstanding blog on this topic. Here's an excerpt: “Unfortunately, in the world-wide church of Jesus Christ, Christian fellowship based on gospel essentials has been difficult to achieve. This is evident in the historic divisiveness between the two movements of Fundamentalism and New Evangelicalism.” more

Piper’s “Thoughts on the New Calamity”

There have been many responses to the recent New York vote to legalize homosexual marriage and to the Gay Parades held around the world. One response we often lack is tears. Piper points out that homosexuality has always been with us and celebrated. What we are seeing now is the norrmalization and the institutionalization of Read more

From North Carolina to Philly with the Gospel

This morning I received a phone call from one of my men who was released from prison last week. He has not been able to stay clean, wanted to go to a halfway house, and asked me if I could bring him some toiletries. His neighborhood is the center of drug activity in that part Read more

Is the Earth Millions of Years Old?

I don’t know and I’m not sure anyone but God does. I also don’t know what is gained from defending a young earth position in the face of evidence that the earth at least “appears” old. I know there are arguments to explain the apparent age of the earth but they are not limpidly convincing. Read more

Does “Breathe on me, breath of God” communicate God’s truth to anyone in the 21st century?

Okay I admit at the outset that I get annoyed when people have the time to listen to workshops of conferences they didn’t attend in order to find something to criticize and blog about.  I’m jealous in some ways and although I don’t have the time to do that I think those who do might Read more

Rap Music & Cultural Imperialism

Recently I interacted on a blog where an assertion was made that rap music is sinful. No one would mistake me for a rap artist or aficionado. However, the charge that rap music is sinful is silly and biblically indefensible. Rap music may offend the cultural sensitivities of some and not always be the best Read more

What I Would Look For In A Seminary

We are committed to sound theological and practical training and have a burden for urban church planting. We do not think that everyone in Christian ministry must go to seminary or plant urban churches. At times seminary training may not be an option. However, in most cases, for pastors and church planters, it is advisable Read more

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