What Do a Buddhist, Marxist, Jehovah’s Witness, and Unitarian Universalist Have in Common?

First, they all need a Savior. Second, they stayed at our home over the past month and are from four different countries.  As a bi-vocational church planter I was looking at some ways to help us pay the rent. One day I read an article in Forbes about airbnb.com and since we had a guestroom decided to rent it out. This is not a solicitation to do business with airbnb. However if you live in an area that has frequent tourists, researchers, conference attendees, or medical personnel on rotation this might interest you. My wife and I are always looking for gospel conversations. That doesn’t always happen yet in some way we think it’s good for them to meet Christians and see if God would use us to plant a seed in their lives.  And it’s good for us to meet people who need the Lord.  

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